MENU Buscar NSK - Motion & Control
Damage Condition Possible Causes Countermeasures
  • Dents on the raceway at each ball location similar to the deformation caused by a Brinell Hardness Test (Brinelling)
  • Dents on the raceway caused by contamination or metallic particles
  • High-energy impacts or improper handling of the product at its installation or in transit will easily cause this type of damage
  • Caused by contamination or intruded hard metallic particles
  • Adequate installation and handling
  • Improve sealing capability
  • Filter the lubrication oil


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Part: Brinelling on a raceway of a rail
Symptom: Dents on the raceway
Cause: The table fixed to the ball slides was lifted with the heavy machine base to which the rails were fixed, thereby causing brinellings on the raceway surfaces